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Teacher Trainings

Teaching Young Learners

Sometimes teaching English to young learners is just not that easy for teachers. The aim of this program is to understand the dynamics of teaching young students and to discover new techniques that will help young learners throughout their learning process. Discover new ways for efficiently and effectively classroom management with young learners by using a more student-centered method that will give you more confidence in educational sense.

Teaching Grammar

Make your grammar lessons effective and fun for your students by using activities and methods that will make grammar easier to understand. Teach grammar with confidence and maximize student success. This course explains the most common approaches to grammar teaching, the principles of these approaches, their pros and cons, and when teachers will use them. You will see how grammar lessons can be so fun and motivating for your students.

How To Teach The Four Skills

Discover new ways to present, practice and evaluate your students' reading, listening, writing and speaking skills, including well-planned lessons and activities you can use in classroom. This course will help you understand what teaching English language skills means.

Clasroom Management

A good classroom management and organization helps both teachers and students get the most out of lessons. Most teachers intuitively know how to organize and manage a classroom. Based on the developed international standards of practice, this course introduces an approach that uses lesson objectives and measurable results, appropriate instructional materials, stages and techniques that enable them to create a warm and inclusive classroom environment and to focus on learning points. It helps teachers discover their own practices and develop them with the trusted methods, which gives you more confidence and makes your students get the most out of lessons..

Teaching IELTS

IELTS is the world's most popular English language proficiency test for employment, higher education and global migration. It requires an effective strategy-oriented study of language skills for success. The course offers the tips to improve the scores and language skills performance of students preparing for IELTS. It also offers a mini test with the additional materials and model answers.

Teaching One to One

This competence demonstrates that a teacher knows and applies the necessary knowledge and skills in a one-to-one lesson, which is quite different from a group lesson. Teachers learn to deal with its intensity and to use and design the instructional materials which are specifically prepared or adapted for one-to-one teaching. In order to equip teachers in this challenging but rewarding field of education, elements such as learning needs analysis and preparation as well as the roles of teacher are explored.

Teaching Pronunciation

This is a short and very practical course that includes the basic approaches, techniques, and tips to improve your students' pronunciation, stress and intonation.

Teaching Vocabulary

This is a short and practical course which aims at improving teacher's skills in vocabulary teaching.

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